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Healthy Food Choices with Little or no Fat

Fat is rarely ever associated with a healthy lifestyle. The opposite is, in fact, true; no other food spells unhealthy better than fatty food. You are confronted by a nutritionist with a list of the dangers of consuming too much fat every turn. After the nutritionists come to the gym enthusiasts who are well prepared with a list of exercises to help you lose the fat that has been accumulating in your body over the years. If you heed the call of nutritionists and the gym instructors, you are on the right track. Things may not be so good for you love eating deep fried food.

Consuming too many fatty foods often is a huge health risk. Not only do you end up accumulating ounce upon ounce of body fat, which can lead to being overweight and obese, you also increase your chances of suffering from heart disease and some kinds of cancer.

Remember, the journey to a healthier lifestyle involves both dietary choices and regular physical activity. With the right mindset and tools, like the  Heated Lunch Box, you can make sustainable changes that benefit your well-being in the long run.

When you realize what really is at stake, then you will certainly appreciate that you have to make healthy food choices with little or no fat. You may have to do away with your favorite snack, but in the long run, it will prove to be worth it. These are the low-fat foods that you should include more in your diet:

Foods That Contain Little or No Fat

1. Whole Grains

whole grains healthy food choice with less oilWhole grains are a favorite of nutritionists and those who are on a diet, and they should become yours too. They are often low in fat content and contain tons of nutritional value. Apart from whole grain cereals, you should also consider eating a whole grain bread, pasta, and noodles. Go the whole grain way to ensure that you get the maximum benefit that grains have to offer. These are way better than refined grains that are very filling but significantly lacking in nutritional value.

2. Dairy Products

dairy products healthy food choise with no oilSkimmed milk and other low- fat dairy products are also healthy food choices that can help you slash down your daily fat intake. Always opt to consume low fat yogurts and use no- fat cheese. The catch with these milk products is that the low fat is usually compensated for with high sugar content, which is not healthy at all. Therefore, choose those products that don’t have excess sugar added to them, and you should reduce your fat intake a lot.

3. Meat and Meat Products

meat and meat product healthy food choice Meat is regarded by many as an unhealthy food option, but the meat that is dangerous is generally fatty red meat. Although researchers point to red meat as the greatest source of the dreaded cholesterol, they are also fast to point out that meat, without the fat, is actually an excellent source of protein. If you want to cut down on your fat intake, opt to have lean cuts of meat. They contain little or no fat. Additionally, white meat is actually a very healthy option. Fish, for instance, provides you with healthy and rare Omega 3 fats.

4. Beans and Peas

healthy beansIf you are not fully convinced of the benefits of meat, then you might consider adding more beans and peas into your diet. These are also excellent sources of proteins, and they have a little fat in them. Lentils and garbanzos also belong to the same food group as beans, and equal benefits can be derived from them. Another side benefit of having a protein- filling meal is that you remain full for longer, which means that you can easily fight the temptation to consume fatty snacks between meals.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetiable healthy food choice While fatty and greasy food are regarded as being utterly unhealthy, fruits and vegetables are the emblem of health to many. Not only do they contain a little or no fat, but they are also loaded with vitamins and nutrients. They also help a lot in the digestive process. Some fruits, such as avocados, actually do have fat, only that it is healthy, mono- saturated fat. The notion that fresh fruits and vegetables are the definitions of health is actually true, and you should aim to increase your intake of these healthy foods.


Making the right diet choices is admittedly not easy. However, it is often true that the right thing and the hard thing are the same things. You should, therefore, aim at reducing your general fat intake, especially since you have nothing to gain from it and everything to lose. Remember the maxim: a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips. It should give you enough motivation to pass over the deep fried food that calls you by name from the fast food restaurants, for healthier foods.

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